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Best seo strategy after panda and penguin update is not far from the previous strategy. In many ways blog commenting, social bookmarking, article directory and another one way method is still effective today. The problem is just the matter you create each backlink pointing to your site. In creating backlink for social bookmarking you need to put many keywords and not the same keyword to the same social bookmarking site, if you do this your keyword will fall in a couple of days, and may have not return back. In blog commenting you may have to find dofollow and high page rank blog that still have a little outbound link, try to be the first commentator on that blog. To find some fresh blog you can use some footprints like “site:wordpress” and many others I will try to explain deeply about this in the next episode. In article directory we need to write an original article before we create a good backlink, make sure your article is readable and not look spamming. For some site your article may be moderated and another auto approve and you can see the result after creating it.

If one day your keyword is fallen and never been seen from page 1 to page 100 in Google it means you are become a victim of Google Penguin. Most people who felt this effect because they create a backlink with similar keywords to the same site regularly. To solve this problem you need to create another variety of backlink to another type with the different keywords. In fact the strategy is not different, the differences is only on Google how to spider your site today.

Many people love blog commenting because it’s the cheapest type of backlink, you can exchange link with your friend and share your website content. To have a good backlink from this type you need to comment appropriate with the topic of the blog, do not just leave a spammy comment like “hey I found your blog on Google” if you do this you’re comment must be rejected and you will be blacklisted. Try to comment appropriate with the topic. You can also put your name as a keyword, but it’s not problem whenever you put your name and it still be counted as a backlink.

To make your backlink totally visible in Google you can do many things like Pinging them to some Pinging sites. The purpose of pinging is merely to make Google aware that you just created a backlink and force Google to index your site. There is something you need to know about indexing and crawling, indexing mean your backlink is getting indexed, the indication of this whenever you type the url of your backlink to Google if it’s exist it means your backlink have already been indexed. Otherwise, if it’s not exist your backlink may have only been crawled. In fact it’s no matter crawled or indexed the matter one your site is getting good ranking positions. Now try your own best seo strategy.

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