Scrapebox Auto Approve List

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This scrapebox auto approve list Release date: 25.06.2012.

AA Power Pack No.1 List Stats:

Total Number of Auto Approve Urls: 196.055

Total Number of AutoApprove Unique Domains: 15.257
PR *unique Domains* BREAKDOWN:

PR8: 9 | PR7: 16 | PR6: 67 | PR5: 156 | PR4: 475 | PR3: 1100 | PR2: 1681 | PR1: 2041

Total Number of Auto Approve Dofollow Urls: 1.171

Total Number of Auto Approve EDU Urls: 1.042

Total Number of High PR Links: 8.281 (Average PR value 1.58)
PR * High PR Links* BREAKDOWN:

PR7: 1 | PR6: 5 | PR5: 36 | PR4: 252 | PR3: 907 | PR2: 2083 | PR1: 4997

AA Power Pack Bonus:

- Total Number of TrackBacks AA List: 39.257
- Generic Keywords (After penguin generic keywords work best and give great   results)
- 45.000 Emails
- Spuned Comments txt.file

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