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Meta tag seo is really important, meta tag must be appropriate with the keyword we are targeting. The first time search engine crawled is your meta tag, so when your meta tag is not setting correctly search engine won’t find your site and your site will not getting any high ranking. That is why understanding about how to set a correct meta tag is a must. For example you are targeting a keyword “weight loss and weight tips” so your meta tag should be “weight lost| weight tips” you should use a sign “ | “ to separate one to another word. Not only meta tag you should also correct the description of your website it should be at least 25 words, describe about the content of your website details. And the last is your tag, tag and meta tag is a bit similar, the difference is in meta tag we use “ | “ as a separator meanwhile in tag we use “ , “ (comma) as a separator. If you already completed this step your site will be easily crawled by search engine.

To make your site more seo friendly you may use a good template that provide easy setting, for Wordpress there are some plugin that will make you easier to manage your website such as all in one seo pack. This plugin help you to set your meta tag easily, you can use it for free because it’s available in free version. If you have did all this step now you can start creating a backlink to boost your page visibility in search engine. Remember your keyword must be fix with your current meta tag. You can do social bookmarking & blog commenting to gain a good ranking in search engine. Make 5 backlink a day is much better compare to 1000 a day and you stop. If you already choose the right keyword for your site, whenever your keyword already in page one of Google there will be a lot of traffic to your site, more traffic more money. To create a backlink in small amount you can do it manually and see the result after a few days.

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