Carita Beach

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The overlay of white sand along carita beach beneath the shady trees is an immediate sensation that can be felt by the time we arrived at white sands nature park beach of Carita, Pandeglang district, province of Banten. This kind of sensation just a little part from a thousand sensation that the tourists can get while being around the beach that have been professionally managed since 20 years ago.

At White Sands Nature Park of  carita beach, travelers will be pampered with a variety of facilities that will be difficult to find in other areas. Travelers can play jetsky, banana boat, diving, snorkeling or a close look at the beauty of Mount Krakatau is second to none. All activities in this sea, can be done with a quiet and comfortable because in this place, a professional lifeguard alerted the ever alert to protect tourists

In addition, at White Sands, we can do a variety group of  activities such as tug of war and other games that equipped with a large parking area (to accommodate 150 buses), the bathroom as many as 180 units, a mosque and worship facilities, makes this place is perfect for day trips with family, friends or a large group of other offices

White Sands Nature Park of Carita Beach has of ​​2.5 ha, is also very easy to reach. The road condition is pretty good and the scenery along the way are beautiful, spending 2.5 hour drive from Jakarta will not feel anything. Especially when it arrives at White Sands Nature Park of Carita Beach, will be immediately greeted by a treat of live music entertainment stage. For those who want to bring a gift for a memento or a souvenir, in the White Sand area also available People's Market which provides a range of souvenirs and  Banten traditional foods, especially the Pandeglang food. this is one of the best indonesia travel destination.

Carita beach is a nature park that located in Pandeglang and established by decree of the Minister of Agriculture No.440/kpts/UM/1978 on July 15, 1978 as a Natural Park. With a beautiful panorama and white sand beaches make this area frequently visited by local and foreign tourists

Some species of trees found here include the Teak (Tectona grandis), mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), African Mahogany (Khaya S. antoteca) and bengang (Lagerstromia speciosa). There is also a garden experiment forest research centers are developing bud cuttings meranti (Shorea reprosula) and Shorea selanica

Fauna found in Nature Tourism Park is tando carita Coast (Petaurista elegans), wild boar (Sus vitatus), long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis), lutung (Tachypitechus auratus), lizards (Varanus salvator) and python (Python sp).

There are also half kinds of birds, among which is alap alap (Falco moluccensis), eagle (Spilornis cheela) and type of other smaller birds. Often is found bat.
Carita beach is rich in natural resources. Cover edges are very gentle with small waves and gently wipe along the coast, combined view of Mount Krakatoa's solid standing in the distance a beautiful natural engravings treat to the eye.

After reading this article hope you can get all information you need before going to carita beach, if you need further information do not hesitate to contact and ask me. Happy vacation.

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