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When you to the Castle, do not forget the Castle to the Palace Ait. Located approximately 400 meters from the Sultan Palace complex about 10 minutes walk to the bird market of South Kemandungan page (Magangan).

Means the beautiful Castle Park, which was anciently a place of recreation for the Sultan of Yogyakarta and its courtiers. Today, the Castle can be visited by the public masyaratan. Starting from 08.00 until 16.00. In this complex there is a place that is still considered sacred in the Castle, the Garden Ledoksari where this place is a private place where the contest and the Sultan.

Among the interesting buildings are well Gemuling the form of two-storey building with the bottom floor is located in the basement. In the past, this building is a kind of Sultan mosque where daily prayers. This section can be achieved through an underground tunnel. In other parts there are many other underground tunnel, which is a secret path, and prepared the way if at any time savior complex is under attack enemies. In the north lies the Castle complex Ngasem market (often called the Bird Market) where buying and selling of poultry animals (beautiful birds, songbirds, pigeons bekisar etc.).

In addition to tourism objects, Castle also has the potential of the other can be seeded. Batik painting is one of the original product of the Castle which has been recognized by the public. Of origin he says, batik painting is a method of painting by utilizing or using the principles of batik. Just as in batik, batik painting also uses tools such as: canting, night, dyes and so on. In addition, the process is similar to batik, but more varied in accordance with the creativity of artists. The more complex color, then the longer the process of manufacture.

If interested in learning, there are many centers that offer a course to learn the process from beginning to expert level / proficient, and from various schools such as naturalism, primitive, classic, realism, surrealism, expressionism and forth as you wish. The learning process is varied, ranging from 1 to 2 days if you just want to know the basic techniques course, for weeks if you want to master the technique of batik to the details.

Prambanan Temple
Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, and is located on the island of Java, about 20 km east of Yogyakarta, 40 km west of Surakarta and Semarang 120 km south, just on the border between the provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Prambanan Prambanan located in the village whose territory is divided between Lahore and Klaten.Candi district was built in about the year 850 AD by one of these two, namely: Rakai Pikatan, the second king of Mataram dynasty I or Balitung Maha Sambu, during Sanjaya dynasty. Not long after being built, the temple was abandoned and deteriorating. 

Renovation of this temple began in 1918, and until now has not been completed. The new main building was completed in 1953. Many parts of the renovated temple, using a new stone, as many original stones were stolen or reused elsewhere. A temple will only be restored when at least 75% of the original stone is still there. Therefore, many small temples which was rebuilt and it just seemed foundation. Now, this temple is a world heritage site protected by UNESCO since 1991. 

Among other things this means that the complex is shielded and has a special status, eg in situations of war. Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, the main building is 47m high. This temple complex consists of 8 main shrines or temples and more than 250 small temples. Three main temple called the Trisakti and presented to the hyang Trimurti: Shiva Batara the Destroyer, Vishnu the Preserver and Batara Batara Brahma the Creator.

Shiva temple in the middle, containing four rooms, one room in every direction of the wind. While the former contains a statue of Shiva Batara three meters high, the other three statues contain a smaller size, the statue of Durga, Shiva Batara sakti or wife, Agastya, his teacher, and Ganesha, his son. 

Durga is also known as Rara or Lara / Loro Jongrang (slender virgin) by the locals. For details see the article Loro Jonggrang. Two other temples dedicated to Vishnu Batara, facing to the north and the other dedicated to Batara Brahma, who is facing south. In addition there are several other small temples dedicated to the calf Nandini, vehicle Batara Shiva, the swan, vehicle Batara Brahma, and the Garuda, Vishnu rides Batara. Then relief around the edge twenty temples depict the epic Ramayana. The version described here is different from the Old Javanese Ramayana Kakawin, but similar to the Ramayana story is passed down through oral tradition.

Keraton or in the original palace called the Palace is located in the center of Jogjakarta. Palace means the place where kings and queens lived, or in other words that mean the same Kadaton. In learning about the culture of Java, meaning it has a very deep philosophical meaning.

The architecture of this palace is the Sultan Hamengkubuwono I himself, who was the founder of the kingdom Ngayogyakarta. His expertise in the field of architecture regarded by Dutch scientist-Dr.Pigeund and Dr.Adam who regard it as the "architect of his Pakubuwono II of Surakarta".

There are some parts of the palace, one of which is the Gate Donopratopo which means "one who is always good to give to others willingly and capable of eliminating desire".
There are two giant statues on the side, one of which describes the crime and the other describing the goodness. This means that "you should be able to distinguish, where good and evil". Not only this, you can also see the cultural heritage of the royal palace others such as North Square, South Square, Siti Hingil, Kemandungan, Regol Gadungmlati, Regol Brojonolo, Witono Ward, Ward Manguntur Takil, Trajumas Ward, Ward Kencono, Praba Yeksa Pavilion, Gedong yellow.

Inside the palace there is a museum dedicated to the late Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, the father of Sultan Hamenggkubuwono X which is the current Sultan. Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX is a figure well-known politician and the leader of Indonesia. Encouragement and contributions to the Republic of Indonesia in the fight for independence is respected and known by most people of Indonesia.

Yogyakarta was once the capital of Indonesia (1946-1949) and inaugurated by the Act to be a special area of ​​the same province. The museum is exhibiting a copy of the sacred worth of Heritage, a gift from a foreign kingdom, gamelan, the royal train and a few photos of the royal family and family structure

Borobudur is one of the best ancient monuments preserved from all over the world even is one of the seven wonders of the world. This monument is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and has been claimed as a result of human culture are the most frequently visited by more than a million tourists, both domestic and abroad to date. Style architect of the temple there is nothing resembling even this all over the world. structure that describes the micro cosmos becomes a question often arises, for example when, in what way, how long and by whom this sanctuary has been built.

The right answer to this still leaves a mystery as there is no written document to date. Based on the inscriptions found by the researchers, noting that Borobudur was built between the eighth century when Samaratungga - king of the dynasty ruling dynasty in Central Java. The meaning of Borobudur is still not clear. Borobudur is a combination of words and Budur Bara. Coals from Sanskrit means temple or monastery. While the Budur reminds us of the Balinese word derived from the mean beduhur above. In other words, Borobudur means monastery on the hill.

Borobudur is full of philosophical ornaments which clearly symbolizes the unity of different paths can be followed to achieve the most important goal of life. Relief is engraved on the temple walls tell the beauty of life in the study. In other words, Borobudur has the soul of art, philosophy and culture.

Mount Merapi
Mount Merapi, is the only volcano mount in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. It lies approximately 30 kilometers north of Yogyakarta and the peak of the uneven sand plains, covering an area of ​​approximately 4 hectares, with a few holes of the crater of which husband is always a thick smoke, marking the Merapi volcano is still active.

When the mountain shows the magnitude of eruption, the people of Yogyakarta to see clumps of white smoke gray or blackish-victimization of rising above that from a distance looks like a pile of wool. However, in a state of "quiet", so mesmerizing charm, thus stimulating people like mountain climbing and adventure sports lovers climb the mountain to conquer the peak

For those who are less interested in making the ascent to the summit can still satisfy the desires of his heart to admire the beautiful awesomeness of this volcano, from Bebeng area located approximately 2 kilometers southeast region adjacent to Ground, or it could be seen from the Turi, approximately 5 km Ground areas in the west, if you want to see the peak of Merapi from a distance clearly, can be used binoculars observers of Mount Merapi in the observation Post Plawangan

Malioboro is a tourist area shopping centers in downtown Yogya along two kilometers, with a range of shops, souvenir shops pavement. This area is always crowded by a wide range of vehicles, tricycles, and bicycles. The tourists will not be too anxious to be able to enjoy his vacation days in the city of Yogyakarta until late at night though. Dishes can be enjoyed in the cafes along the way Malioboro Lesbian, food provided and offered foods typical of Yogya is warm and the fried chicken rice and Padang food, ChinesseFood and so forth.

Malioboro region contains one of the largest Mall in the city of Yogyakarta is Malioboro Mall, around Malioboro there are also a variety of hotels and cottages. In the down road there was Malioboro Beringharjo market, where people seeking food and Yogya batik material is also very cheap prices throughout the day. Vredeburg built in the Dutch colonial era have now been renovated, and there down the road Malioboro. The fort is also save a lot of the history of the Indonesian struggle against Dutch colonialism. Vredeburg alternative is also one of the tourists to visit. Surrounded by a beautiful garden and not infrequently held an art show around the parking lot Vredeburg.

Malioboro actually is a path that connects Monument  to the Royal Sultan. For people living in Jogja, Malioboro known as the bustling city as most economic activity along the street where the provincial government institutions are located.
Malioboro during the day filled with business activities. We can easily find "andhong", or pedicab transportation equipment.

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