Ujung Genteng

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Before knowing furthermore about Bali, Lombok or the Pacific Islands, let’s check Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng) its promising tourist activities and quite interesting. Its existence is starting to contribute indonesian tourism. what make it so interesting? And where is the real location of this Edge of Tile?.

Edge of Tile (ujung genteng) is part of the southern coastal region of West Java, precisely located in the District of Ciracap, Sukabumi. If taken from Jakarta, the travel distance to the Edge of Tile (ujung genteng) is about 220 km. With the car uses the same trip, it takes about 6 to 7 hours to reach this location. There are some objects that seeded the end of Edge of Tile (ujung genteng) to attract visitors, including the Queen Amanda Beach, Beach Cibuaya, Cikaso waterfall, and beach Pangumbahan with green turtle breeding.

Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng) is the Indian Ocean coast with huge waves characteristic. However, despite the large choppy, Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng)  relatively safer than other south coast that is often claimed. This is because the cluster of rocks that caused big waves coming from the middle of the ocean divided. at the Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng) there is a location favored by surfers, known as Seven Waves. Not only quiet interested to local tourists, Seven Waves is also a favorite for surfers around the world.

If Bali had Tanah Lot, then Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng) has Amanda Queen. Queen Amanda beach offers views of coral islands in the sea such as Tanah Lot Bali. That is why the location is known as Tanah Lot Amanda Queen. In addition to the scene queen Amanda, you can also enjoy the "natural aquarium" on the beach Cibuaya. Cibuaya beach makes clear you can enjoy views of the water below. You can see the fish with beautiful colors that are stuck in the crevices between rocks. It was a beautiful sight.

Travel to Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng) has not been complete without visiting Pangumbahan beach, this beach is favorite places to lay eggs. This beach is a turtle breeding locations. At the spawning season, the number of existing turtles can achieve two dozen birds. If lucky, you can see these turtles laying eggs at night. More fortune if you get the opportunity to see the turtles release their babies into the sea. quiet interesting right? the turtle nesting in this beach is a large turtle with about 100 years old.

If you have reach Edge of Tile beach (ujung genteng) you don’t need to worry about the hostel or cottage there you can find many hostel starting from Rp. 70.000 per night, if you got more money you can stay in a better hotel which will cost you around Rp.200.000 per night. One thing that I want to tell you at the end of this article, trust me you will never regret if you have been there even if you had already spent an hour to reach this place but the existing scenery will pay all your attempt  

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lokesh said...

What mind blowing pictures you are posted in your post. Cheap flights to Orlando

cssouthw said...

Like Your Site Great Photos.Like to be there myself I'm in Oregon and its been raining alot this time of year

cindar said...

@cssouthw: hey thanks for coming, you may have to try to spend your vacation in indonesia

alen said...

that is beautiful island
maybe i have to go there
look fantastic

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