What to do in Bali

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Bali is a mystery, a magical island that offers visitors everything they want to be traced. There are so many activities to do in Bali. Learn about Balinese culture while having fun, great fun for everyone in Bali. Enjoy everything from surfing to enjoy fine dining and shopping. Enjoy the stunning scenery around you, green landscape and beautiful sunsets. Many exciting activities that will make you feel at home in Bali.

What will you do with your time in Bali is up to you, there is no specific ideas. For suggestions of what activities to do during your stay on the island of Bali, the following is a collection of what is available to do in Bali.

Imagination Become Reality with ATV Ride in Bali
You will never get bored in Bali. The island has so many wonderful places to visit, so many challenging things to do and so many ways to explore the extraordinary beauty of this island. This activity is to stretch the muscles of your arms and get ready to ride an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) on the terraces the village landscape.

ATV riding will make your imagination into reality. Way that is really cool to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali. Past the intersection of cocoa plantations, crawling on muddy roads, wet when crossing streams, or maximize your speed at the edge of the rice terraces. You can enjoy everything, especially when you are bumping and jumping along with ATV you drive. In the middle of a remote village, in the midst of the fields of local crops, ATV offers you a challenging ways to explore the simple lives of local people and the beauty of the village itself. Driving alone or with a passenger, both are equally fun, the guide will take you to the main village road, a very basic asphalt track with holes here and there, our journey through the homes, fields, rice fields, and also we can see the activity local residents daily.

There are two popular places to play in Bali ATV, ATV in the Village and Village Kerta Penebel. Your ATV riding adventure playgrounds offered by the ATV, which is located in the village of Penebel, Tabanan. Bumpy journey to explore the 6 hectares of cocoa plantations are located in the border village of Tengkudak. In this episode, with some minor challenges on the track, you'll get used to riding off-road engines are heavy. This experience will certainly encourage the adventurous side of you to continue to go up to the advanced level. After you have enjoyed this level, you will not remember how heavy the steering wheel.

The next is a beautiful trip you plan to be riding on a long path that presents many challenges, things that will arouse the whole of nature hidden in your adventure. This route will take you through a large number of narrow waterways winding as far as 2 kilometers in between rice fields, the thing that really test your driving skills, you will pass through a traditional village that is not accessible by road, situated in the center of the area and unique agricultural region producing much fruits throughout the year. Looking for the only road to the outside world and the opportunity to enjoy the genuine flavors of cocoa pieces while on his way back to base camp. This fun activity is highly recommended.

Diving, Underwater Viewing Natural Beauty of Bali
Looking for another world to be explored? Exploring underwater! Bali is the best place to see some of the best natural beauty under the sea has to offer.

Starting from July to September, many divers coming to Bali to see Mola Mola fish. Usually this unique giant fish can be seen at various dive sites around Nusa Penida. But Mola Mola is not the only thing worth a look. Another interesting dive spot is Manta Point where you can dive with manta rays. Crystal Bay, an area that has clear water with coral gardens are wonderful, if you need more challenge, go diving in Gili Toya Pakeh or Tepekong; Shark Point near Padangbai if you want to face the sharks in the wild, exploring the U.S. Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, maybe you can reveal a new mystery or see great barracuda fish in this place, look at other underwater creatures you have to try diving in Seraya or faction; dive deep into the walls around Menjangan Island is superb, find a sea turtle in the middle middle-Amed coral reefs, and more diving spot in Bali has to offer to you.

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